Getting Involved

Watch the videos here, then simply click the folder to download the Let’s Fish Social Media Campaign Videos and share them on your social networks.

Let’s Fish Queensland 

Phase 1 of the Let’s Fish Australia campaign begins in Queensland.

There are nine social media clips available below for you to download. All parties interested in promoting recreational fishing in Queensland are encouraged to share on your social media channels.

This project is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and AFTA. 

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Message: I fish responsibly today, so that my kids have fish for tomorrow

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Message: Know the fishing rules and help ensure there are fish for the future

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Message: Let's Fish it's the perfect way to relax

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Message: Let's Fish, enjoy the outdoors and take a break

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Message: Let's Fish so we can all catch up and enjoy the outdoors

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Message: Let's Fish so I can tell my friends how good it is to spend time together

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Message: Let's Fish so we can enjoy family together

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Message: Let's Fish so we can all reconnect

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Message: Let's Fish to reconnect with nature

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